Sep. 14th, 2017

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I am now technically 45. (Well, it's past midnight . . .) I still don't really feel any more mature. So that doesn't change. (I'm fairly sure I've said that at previous birthdays, too . . .)

Interesting microcosm of the human condition at work today. It went something like this:

a) It is observed that the sink in the kitchen seems to be blocked, somewhere down in the drainage pipe. A couple of people send notifications to the relevant area.

b) On inspection a little later, the blockage has not miraculously vanished of its own accord. There is more water in the sink. It is dirty.

c) Someone squirts some washing-up liquid into the water in the sink, possibly to make it less dirty, possibly in the hopes that it will somehow dissolve the blockage. It does not dissolve the blockage. The dirty water in the sink now has foam on top.

d) Still no sign of anyone showing up to sort it out.

e) People independently realise that it may not be possible to run the dishwasher overnight, since it probably uses the same pipes/drainage as the sink (which it's right next to). (The dishwasher is handled by one of the cleaners, who loads it with all the dirty general-use mugs from the day before and leaves it running overnight.)

f) One by one, people drift along to wash their mugs under the tap, to make sure that they will at least have a clean mug for tomorrow. The water goes into the sink. Which is still blocked.

g) The level of dirty water in the sink rises. The drain is still not working.

I have the vague feeling that this might somehow be analogous to certain human reactions to current affairs, but I can't think what . . .


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