Sep. 21st, 2017

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“Surely you’re exaggerating,” Silver said.

“I’m not,” Irene said. “Really, I’m not. You haven’t seen the witness statements, have you? Well, trust me, the concept of ‘work ethic’ seems rather lacking round here. ‘Sponsored holiday’ would be more appropriate. A dozen of the lower-ranking people from both hotels were sneaking out on the night of the murder to hit the theatres and cabarets. At least two of the dragons have been spending their spare time art shopping for their private collections. Green and Purple, or Thompson and Thomson, or whatever they call themselves from the Fae delegation apparently want to sign up with the Paris police or the Foreign Legion or anywhere that will send them on interesting jobs. God help anyone who does sign them up. Even the Cardinal admits to hanging out at rare book shops. A dozen of the witness statements confess to being in someone else’s rooms. Three of them contradict each other. And pretty much every single servant from both sides is refusing to contradict anything their master or mistress says! If we want to find out who killed Ren Shun, we’re going to need something more definite than, ‘if my lord says he was in his room then of course he was in his room’.”


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