Feb. 28th, 2015 02:53 am
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I read the news about Leonard Nimoy being dead, just before leaving work today.

He was an excellent actor and an excellent man. He will be missed.

(And yes, Spock was always my hero and favourite.)
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When I discovered Star Trek, it was more from reading the James Blish short stories based on the television episodes than by watching the episodes themselves. First the James Blish story, then a nice large book all about the series with reviews/discussions of each episode (I still have it somewhere), and finally getting to see the episodes themselves, eventually, from time to time. There are still some I've never actually got round to watching, per se, even if I know what takes place in them.

However, I have been delighted to find out there are some things which are in the tv episodes which never made it into the Blish novelisations. (Well, not quite novelisations - is there a word for turning episodes into short stories?) They were mostly third person and based on Kirk's point of view, with occasional shifts to McCoy or Scotty or others. And of course, they never had quite the, mm, implications which television images and voices can convey.

On the other hand, I'm also sure that reading the Blish ... verbalisations ... gave me a lifelong love of the series. So I suppose nothing was exactly lost. It's more that there's still something to be gained.

And when it comes to the new cast in their two movies, entertaining as they may be, I'm sure that "that which survives" (ha! title drop!) will be the original series. I wonder if the new cast would do a tv series, if they had the opportunity and such a thing were feasible? And what such a tv series would be like if they did?


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