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Title: Letter: guardian angels
Requester: [ profile] flo_nelja
Series: Cortege Des cent Demons
Requested Characters: Ritsu to Aoarashi
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I think this is a case of an error in translation. ‘Guardian angel’ is about the last phrase I’d use to describe you.

No, I can’t explain what a ‘guardian angel is’, nor can I explain why you aren’t one.

There is probably something about it in my father’s books. But you don’t read them, do you?
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Title: hare knows hound
Requester: [ profile] bladderwrack
Series: Cent Demons / Bleach
Requested Topic: Oooh ... Ritsu from Cent Demons and Gin from Bleach, please. (Or Aizen, or someone else. It's the -- almost diametrically opposite constructions of the supernatural here ... )
Due to

Ritsu had grown used to the intrusions of youkai on his daily life, and did his best to get them out of the way as smoothly and rapidly as possible. Simple avoidance usually made matters worse. Running away only attracted attention; and, too often, excited hunger.

However, sometimes the shortest distance between two points involved a very long detour round someone who just shouted trouble to every instinct that Ritsu possessed. Keeping his head down and his behaviour inconspicuous was simple common sense.

It wasn't the black robes. It wasn't even the white hair.

It was the hungry, hungry smile.
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Title: purification
Requester: [ profile] flemmings
Series: Cortege de Cent Demons
Requested Topic: Cent Demons + knitting: somehow.
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"Someone brought these socks round for you," Ritsu's mother said happily.

"Oh," Ritsu said, with a definite lack of enthusiasm.

"Yes. She said that they had been knitted by a samurai and were haunted." His mother moved briskly round the kitchen as she spoke, measuring out tea. "She said that she was sure you could help."

"Oh," Ritsu repeated, wondering if he could get Aoarashi to eat them..

"But I'm afraid that they fell to pieces when I put them in the wash," his mother added apologetically. "They were very dirty."

"Don't worry," Ritsu said cheerfully. "These things do happen."
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Title: look at all my trials and tribulations
Requester: [ profile] flemmings
Requested Topic: Has the French edition got as far as Tsukasa carousing with Aoarashi and the birds?
Series: Cortege des cent demons
Due to

(A double drabble, and I've only read up to volume 6 of Cent Demons, so my views on characters may be inaccurate.)


Their thoughts run in bright circles: it's fitting that the Princess have her drinks, the master would be pleased, surely he would, and princesses like this one deserve to be happy. Some day she will marry the master, for what could be more appropriate? And then they will serve them both, and their children, and they will nest in the tree, and everyone will be happy, world without end.


Her thoughts are like weeds in deep water, but the alcohol helps carry them downstream and take them where she needn't worry any longer, where it makes sense for the birds to speak to her and the spirits to haunt her and for everything about Ritsu and herself to be as it is. If she were a Buddhist nun, she could shave her head and perhaps it would all be gone together with her hair, and even that thought makes her giggle now and pass her cup to be refilled.


His thoughts move in a straight line. It's Ritsu who he'll eat, later; that is quite definite. The birds would be a morsel. An appetiser. Tsukasa would lie heavy on his belly. She is too mortal for his tastes. For now.


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