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Title: you wouldn't understand
Requester: [ profile] woodburner
Series: Getbackers/Trinity Blood
Requested Topic: Akabane/Isaak, a shared taste for the finer things
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"The man's a commoner," Dietrich said once Doctor Jackal was safely away and out of earshot. "A thug working for the highest bidder. A mere transporter. What did you have to talk to him about?"

Isaak snapped his fingers, and lit a cigarillo at the flame. "Aesthetics."

"Oh." Dietrich shrugged. "Wine? Poetry?"

"No, none of that." Isaak smiled. "The aesthetics of the perfect killing stroke. It's all about the edge and the momentum and the precision of the blow. As painfully exact as the most unanswerable argument -- he may be a worker for hire, but he's an artist too."
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Title: what a man needs for Christmas
Requester: [ profile] joasakura
Series: Trinity Blood
Requested Topic: Trinity Blood: Tres/Abel smut
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Sister Esther pouted, just a little bit, when she saw Father Nightroad wasn't wearing the scarf she'd knitted for him.

He shuffled his feet. "Ah. Heh eh heh. Sister Esther, that lovely scarf you made for me . . ."

She perked up. "You like it?"

"It was insufficiently strong," Father Tres intoned, drifting up behind Father Nightroad. "At precisely twenty minutes and thirteen seconds it gave way."

Esther gasped. "I'm so sorry! I'll start knitting you another one at once."

"Do so," Father Tres instructed her. "Use silk."

"Certainly, Father," she said happily.

It was so nice to have her efforts appreciated.


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