Jul. 16th, 2002

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Another hot day. Please, lord, a thunderstorm.

Another phone call from my parents -- they're safe in Crete and relaxing comfortably. Mmm. I indulge in a faint tinge of jealousy for their relaxation and enjoyment; not the sort that begrudges it, but the sort that admires it.

The new Mangajin book is rather fun. I know I'm not grasping the whole of what's going on in the discussions of language, yet, but my grasp of the characters is improving. (Though I'm not looking forward to trying to learn Kanji.)

Fanfiction. Hm. Technically, all those "good" authors who write Sherlock Holmes pastiches, or novels set in the Holmesverse, are writing fanfiction. Interesting thought, no? You could say that criteria for good fanfiction are (a) that the writer must have something to say about the universe they've chosen, and (b) that they must say it well. Which really applies to any sort of good fiction.

Tried a google search on "Melek Taus" today, after rereading my copies of Top Ten (Alan Moore graphic novels). Was interested to find that there was indeed such a belief -- though given Moore, I shouldn't have been surprised -- and have made a couple of mental notes. Peacock Angel, mmm.

Okay, this is just curious. http://www.crossroads.wild.net.au/chor.htm#stillindex


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