Feb. 11th, 2017

incandescens: (Kanzeon Bosatsu)
All right. I think I have a reasonably solid re-edited first three chapters of book four.

Just twenty-six more chapters to go.

Work today had ridiculous moments. First there was a problem with the drainage in the men's toilets (which are in a straight line vertically through the building), so they had to close them all and reallocate half the women's toilets for male usage. Then they kept on having problems, so they closed all the women's toilets as well and told us to go across the road to the neighbouring building where NHS Digital also has offices if we needed to use the toilet. (Which was resulting in ten-fifteen minute loo breaks, since it was cold outside, thus coats were necessary, and it's across a busy road, hence caution was necessary rather than a casual hop, skip and jump. And the toilets in the other building were on the fifth and sixth floor.)

And then they asked us not to use the sinks either.

Still, at least we were still allowed to use the cold water and boiling water facilities, so we were able to make drinks. (We just couldn't rinse out our cups...)

They did manage to get it sorted out by around three to three-thirty in the afternoon. By that point the laughter had acquired a slightly hysterical edge. One had to laugh, or one would consider throwing things.

(There was some debate about whether it was a good thing that the other building was just across the road and thus had toilet facilities available, or if it would have been better for no facilities to have been available, in which case they might have had to send us all homes. Decisions, decisions.)


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