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Title: AU: in the event's shadow
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Blake's Seven / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: The Doctor regenerates as Avon, please.
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"Cally," Avon said.

Cally looked up from the teleport console. "Yes, Avon?"

"Swallow this," Avon said, holding out a small capsule and a glass of water.

Cally blinked. "Why? Is this some sort of immunisation? I know that you think you're on Blake's trail . . ."

"You do?" Avon demanded.

"Well, of course," she said comfortingly. "Don't worry, Avon. I trust you."

"Let's just say I'm taking a little precaution," Avon said, still holding the glass and capsule out to her. "Suppose that in the place where we're going we should happen to be split up, and you had to go off on your own for some reason, and the last we heard of you was a scream and a crash, and after that you dropped completely out of recorded history, and nobody ever heard of you again -- well. I'd just like to be sure that I could find you if that happened."

"That really is profoundly complicated," Cally said.

"Yes," Avon agreed. "But will you take it?"

Cally sighed. "Very well." She took the capsule and swallowed it, then washed it down with a swig of the water. "Have you given these to the others as well?"

"I'm not worried about them," Avon said coolly. He turned to go. "Oh, and one more thing, Cally -- if you meet any strangers, make sure to check them." He tapped his head meaningfully. "You never know."

"Apparently you do, though," Cally said.

"Some things can't be beaten," Avon said, and his eyes were very dark.
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Title: know when to quit
Requester: [ profile] not_croaker
Series: Bleach / Blake's Seven.
Requested Topic: Kerr Avon demonstrates that he is in fact smarter than Aizen.
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"Vila," Avon said.

"Yes?" Vila said, looking up nervously from his smuggled copy of Twilight.

"That discussion we had with that Aizen person . . ."

"Are we going to ally with him?" He'd been the most reasonable person Vila had seen in the last year, including Vila's crewmates on Liberator.

"Not exactly," Avon said. "Package up all our communications with him and transmit them to Supreme Commander Servalan."

Vila gawped. "Why?"

Avon gave him his best why-are-you-so-stupid stare. "Because I can recognise another systems engineer," he said, "and I think he might just be better at it than me."
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Requester: [ profile] boymonster
Series: Firefly / Blake's Seven
Requested Topic: Ever tried the Crew of Serenity coming across the Liberator instead of Blake's fugitives? What's Jayne's reaction to Zen? Of course, scooting it ahead a bit to Mal meeting Servalan for the first time would probably also be hilarious.
Due to

"Well, hell, Travis or whoever you are," Mal said, "I'd like to apologise for the little awkwardness. I've got this bad history with slinky whores getting persuasive on me, and I didn't realise it was your President or whatever when I shot her. I've always believed in equality of the sexes, which means that I've got a right to shoot 'em before they shoot me. I'd offer her a chance to shoot back, but me and my crew figure to be somewhere else. Oh, and don't bother about the Orac thing. It took one look at River and fused itself."
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Title: appreciation
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Doctor Who / Blake's Seven
Requested Topic: Specifically, I'd like to see the 3rd Doctor and Avon in, well, anything.
Due to

"You don't seem as surprised as the others that she escaped," Avon remarked.

The Doctor shrugged. "This Servalan seems a competent woman. I'm more surprised that you didn't try to shoot her." He gave Avon a disapproving look.

"I did," Avon said. "She ducked."

"Astonishing how few people have the sense to duck."


"Astonishing, in fact, how few people have any sense," the Doctor said. "I imagine that there are few minds out there who can truly challenge you -- or even appreciate you in a way that makes the appreciation worthwhile."

"You almost sound as if you understand."

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Title: noble revolutionaries
Requester: [ profile] rfrancis
Series: Blake's Seven / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Blake's Seven / Doctor Who crossover
Due to

"But we've got to help them, Doctor!" Jo pleaded, big-eyed. "They're noble revolutionaries against the evil Federation! Blake and Cally told me all about it! They were oppressed and unjustly arrested and had to escape from the prison ship and team up with other freedom fighters in order to --"

The Doctor held up a hand. "To attempt to hack into the TARDIS network communications grid in order to siphon funds from the Federation banking system to a very private personal account?"

"Would you believe it's to fund noble revolutionary plans?" Avon inquired, deadpan.

"No," the Doctor said flatly.
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Title: edged gentlemen
Requester: [ profile] flit
Series: Sapphire and Steel / Blake's Seven
Requested Topic: What would Avon from Blake's Seven have to say to Steel?
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"So," Avon said. "You won't tell us who you are. You won't tell us how you got on the Liberator. And you expect us to believe that you're mysterious agents from beyond time and space."

Steel returned an icy stare. "Precisely."

"Avon!" Vila whined. "They did appear out of thin air without teleport bracelets. And they did deal with that weird rift that all the stuff was coming from. And they seem like nice friendly types. Can't you just trust people for once?"

Avon and Steel looked at each other.

"Of course not," Avon said.

"Why should he?" Steel agreed.
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Title: personal heroes
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Requested Topic: If you're wanting to avoid crossovers, then I'll just request something with Avon from Blake's Seven. If you don't mind crossovers, please let Avon run into Holmes.
Series: Blake's Seven, Sherlock Holmes
Due to

personal heroes )

(Sorry -- it just struck me mid-fic as to whom Avon would really have admired.)


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