Oct. 31st, 2002

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And yes, it is raining outside -- or at least, I observed it to be raining earlier, particularly when I walked home in it, and a car just drove by outside the window, beyond the curtain, with that blurry sploshing sound to the wheels that suggests fresh puddles on the road.

But I was actually thinking of small happinesses, little bits and pieces which add up to surprisingly large wholes. Ridiculous yet welcome. Such as finding out that Tonkam (French manga publisher) will be issuing a translation of Hikaru no Go in French, starting November, probably bimonthly -- most of their other titles are, so I assume that this will be the same. After being exposed during my visit to Kallen, I am extremely pleased by this. I hadn't thought there was any chance of a translation in the near future, in English or French. Mmm.

Must see to booking Harry Potter tickets for visit for day after mother's birthday, for four of us (as my sister's coming as well as my parents). Consider this a reminder to myself.


The Fourth Law of Robotics: A robot must obey the first three laws unless all human witnesses can be reliably eliminated.
Arthur Clarke's Fourth Law: There -can- be too many sequels.
And of course --
The Federation Prime Directive: It is good to be da Captain.
(Unwritten Laws from John M Ford)


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