Nov. 7th, 2002

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I couldn't write Nii from his own pov -- I don't know enough about the man, and besides, he's better and more dangerous seen through the eyes of others. Like Kanzeon Bosatsu; the enigma is part of the fascination, and part of the danger, and both of those are necessary to the character. Like Muraki in Yami no Matsuei, or Akio in Utena, leaving the character undefined allows the other viewpoint characters to be that much more uncertain, and the reader to share the uncertainty.

And if it's about Nii, through someone else's eyes, that's bad enough too. Nii's like Koumyou, for me -- either I get him right or I get him wrong, and it's very hard to get him right, and very easy to get him wrong. Not knowing what the hell's going on behind those eyes doesn't help, either.

Grey and wet today. Grey and wet yesterday. My brand new shoes are still painful at a couple of points, though growing less so. I find new shoes are always that way, unfortunately. They need breaking in. Cue scene with whip and . . . on second thoughts, don't cue scene with whip and.

I realise that I'm growing frustrated with the edits I'm having to do, and that this isn't having a good effect on my temper as a whole. I should really take a night off and work on something personal, or frivolous, or both, but then I'd feel guilty. Annoying.

Ordered a copy of the just-out third DVD of Revolutionary Girl Utena, beginning the Black Rose run. Mm. Now I just get to watch for the post every day till it arrives, in growing frustration. Ah, the little things that make us happy. :)


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