Dec. 14th, 2002

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My parents are writing their Christmas cards. The table in the sitting room is covered with a mixture of last year's cards, lists of addresses, and packs of new cards just waiting to have their virgin white interiors violated with the cruel ink of Christmas greetings -- wait, I think certain other tropes are bleeding through here.

Continued to work off stress with Diablo. Kenren the champion has hacked his way through the Tower of the Blood Countess, defeating many Corrupted Rogues, Wraiths, Blood Tribe, and of course the Countess herself. Alas, she just explodes messily when killed, and does not tumble into her own cauldron of blood or turn to dust or anything really interesting like that. (Yes, I know I've done this many other times with other characters, but this is the first time I've tried playing through the game with a Barbarian. It's a nice change to be able to charge in and hack everything to bits, rather than hang back and be strategic.)

Was admiring my new Gitenshidou dj today, Utsusemi Kouhen. Tenpou with long hair and in army leather coat is too pretty to be true. Probably why he got it cut.

Here's a helpful text for prospective writers. One wishes it could be forcefed sideways to a lot of (Note: don't read this if you're at work and your employer has nannyware which has the heebie-jeebies on seeing naughty words.)

An anime convention in March, and I'm vaguely considering attempting cosplay. Heaven help me.


"Sir Arthur St. Clare, as I have already said, was a man who read his Bible. That was what was the matter with *him*. When will people understand that it is useless for a man to read his Bible unless he also reads everybody else's Bible? A printer reads a Bible for misprints. A Mormon reads his Bible and finds polygamy; a Christian Scientist reads his and finds we have no arms and legs. St. Clare was an old Anglo-Indian Protestant soldier. Now, just think about what that might mean; and, for Heaven's sake, don't cant about it. It might mean a man physically formidable living under a tropic sun in an Oriental society, and soaking himself without sense or guidance in an Oriental book. Of course, he read the Old Testament rather than the new. Of course, he found in the Old Testament anything that he wanted -- lust, tyranny, treason. Oh, I dare say he was honest, as you call it. But what is the good of a man being honest in his worship of dishonesty?" (The Sign Of The Broken Sword, GK Chesterton)


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