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Title: mutual distances
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Sherlock Holmes, [ profile] flemmings's dragons
Requested Topic: Holmes and crossover with anything else. (Potter? IN? Phoenix Wright? Loch Ness Monster? Knitting? Invisible Library? O:D)
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Holmes concludes that his dark visitor is nothing to do with London, or England, or indeed anything he knows; the stranger's poetry is incomprehensible, his manner is odd, and his fascination with the rivers of London is puzzling.

However, Mr Gouen's request, concerning the recovery of a family scroll, is straightforward enough. Holmes understands crime; he understands conspiracy; he understands how to follow the trail through London and obtain the scroll and finally bring the criminals to justice.

Mr Gouen leaves him with a poem, which Holmes keeps, but which he does not read again after the first baffled comprehension.
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Title: fog-walking
Requester: [ profile] flemmings
Series: Dragons, originally from Saiyuki Gaiden
Requested Topic: ...dragons please. Anywhere you like.
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The Thames is thick and slow today, and Gouen finds it unappealing, lacking in the grace and beauty that he expects of a river. But walking alongside it in the fog is pleasant, enjoying the slow burning of the gaslamps and the distant creak of wheels and clatter of hooves. This city of London lacks the elegance of a poem; if it is a dance, then it is a slowly building one, spiralling higher and higher.

But there are no winds here beside the river: only the thick dark water, pouring down towards the sea as he walks beside it.

(No, I don't know what Gouen is doing in Victorian London. He just turned up there.)


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