Jan. 18th, 2017

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And now I'm very much hoping that the Supreme Court says that yes, Parliament does get to vote on whether or not Brexit happens. And that the vote will be no.

Britain and America seem to be having a race-to-the-bottom with respect to their current (UK) or upcoming (US) leadership. It's extremely depressing. (I put it that way because it sounds better than the fury, the wanting to throw things, and the incipient ulcers.)

Oh well. Keep on working. The work still needs to be done.


During the 1913 [Tour de France] race, the very popular Eugene Christophe broke his front wheel while tooling down a Pyrenean pass, shouldered his bike and ran seven miles to the closest blacksmith's shop, repaired it with his own hands as the rules required, and rode on two hours late. Unfortunately, while busily welding back his broken stem, he had allowed a little boy to work the bellows at the blacksmith's forge. For this, Christophe was penalised three minutes, and with this penalty he entered racing history: the stuff of legend.

-- France: Fin de Siecle, Eugen Weber


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