Mar. 21st, 2017

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Apologies to anyone who noted my absence: this last week I've just been so tired on getting home from work that I've flopped, frequently napped, and woken up with no real time to spend on my computer or get anything done. Hopefully life will ease up a bit when I've finished the SNOMED CT content course I'm doing.

Possibly my holiday in Budapest next week will also help. (Whee!)


Vale nodded again. “And the site of the crime?”

“Le Meurice. That’s the hotel where most of the Librarians are staying, and where we’re holding the meetings. It’s quite close to here – south towards the river and then west along the Rue de Rivoli.”

“Where’s everyone else staying, if they’re not staying there?” Irene asked.

“The dragons are at the Ritz, and the Fae are at the Grand Hotel du Louvre,” Bradamant said.

Vale frowned. “Didn’t they turn that place into a department store?”

“Maybe in your world,” Bradamant said, “but not here. Now please come along – if you want to get a look at the crime scene before Paris starts waking up and all the factions expect you to visit them first.”

“I am hardly the one delaying us,” Vale said, somewhat unfairly. “Lead the way.”


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