Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Somewhat restored to life and a regular schedule and UK weather. Still not looking forward to work tomorrow, though.


Feng Lun’s nostrils flared. The two men in his squad – yes, Irene decided that was the best term for it – moved to flank him. “You, on the other hand, are a junior servant of the Library of no particular rank or importance. You feel you have the right to stand here and make demands of me?”

Irene stared him in the eye. She couldn’t back down now. She’d be weakening her own position in his eyes, and in the eyes of the entire dragon contingent. The Library had to maintain its independence in this peace conference – even if they were the weakest of the three factions present, they weren’t subordinate to either side. “I’m not making demands,” she said, keeping her voice neutral. There had to be some way to de-escalate this. “I’m informing you that I am required to check with my superiors about my orders.”

Feng Lun snorted. “If you are trying to force my hand, you have succeeded. Restrain her –“


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