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Title: going off the rails
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Phoenix Wright/Sherlock
Requested Topic: Don't get me started with the thought of Sherlock (recent TV) + Phoenix Wright. Please. I'm giggling too much.
Due to:

“OBJECTION!” Phoenix screamed.

“What is it this time, Mr Wright?” the Judge inquired.

“I’m the defence attorney here! Look! My badge!” Phoenix ripped it out of his pocket and waved it at the courtroom. “That means I question the witnesses and challenge the prosecutor! That is not the defendant’s job!”

“Oh, please,” Sherlock sneered. “You’re an incompetent in any case, but you’re completely incapable of handling this case. Now hand me that gavel! I need to check it for bloodstains.”

“Mr Edgeworth!” the judge demanded. “Do something about your witness!”

“Mr Edgeworth is busy at the moment,” John Watson said, his friendly arm round the prosecutor’s shoulders concealing the gun pressed into the prosecutor’s side. “Do go on, Sherlock. I want to hear where this is going.”
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They are making a Phoenix Wright movie.

. . . and it's being directed by Takashi Miike -- I'm not sure whether to be pleased or worried, but it might definitely be interesting. I believe they're doing the 4th case of game 1. I wonder who they'll be casting as Manfred von Karma . . .

Even if this will lack the glory of the Takarazuka production (group of singers in red chant, "Edgeworth!") it definitely, definitely interests me.
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Title: securing evidence
Requester: [ profile] acern
Series: Sherlock Holmes / Phoenix Wright
Requested Topic: I see you've already gotten a lot of Sherlock Holmes requests, so instead I'll ask for... um... Phoenix Wright! In a crossover... with Sherlock Holmes? :D :D :D Their investigative methods meshing together in a wonderful kind of harmony (by which I mean totally clashing)? :D
Due to

“Excellently done, Watson!” Holmes exclaimed.

“It was nothing, Holmes,” I said, but I felt a glow of appreciation at my friend’s words.

“Nothing, indeed!” Lestrade snorted. “Doctor Watson, I’ve seen some fine rugby matches, but I’ve rarely seen a tackle to match the one that you brought him down with. Stronger men have tried, sir, tried and failed.”

“I simply couldn’t abide watching the fellow walking away with yet more evidence,” I said modestly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe this Wright fellow requires medical attention rather than the antics of his pet spirit medium. Nothing personal, of course.”
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Title: AU: the power of narrativium
Requester: [ profile] starsandtildes
Series: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney
Requested Topic: What if Edgeworth's daddy didn't get shot in an elevator in 2001?
Due to

Edgeworth took a moment from delivering a glance of lethal courtesy to von Karma (since his father was already doing it much better), and instead looked at the woman behind the prosecutor. She was young and elegant, in a sharp suit with well-cut hair, and for some reason she had a riding whip hooked to her belt. She must be the famous prosecutor's daughter, Franziska von Karma.

She looked back at him in much the same way.

His father said something irreproachable yet vicious about von Karma's habit of adjusting evidence.

Von Karma said something unprosecutable yet precise about Edgeworth's father no doubt cooking the books in order to save his thoroughly guilty clients.

Edgeworth's and the girl's eyes met, and somewhere lovebells sounded, cannons went off, doves fluttered, trains went through underground tunnels, tidal waves crashed, and Romeo and Juliet gave up and went for a break.

Edgeworth's father commented on the number of innocent people von Karma had no doubt condemned to the death penalty.

Von Karma mentioned the number of thorough-going criminals that Edgeworth's father had released on society.

Little tweety bluebirds sang Franziska, Franziska at the back of Edgeworth's mind, and from the blitzed look on Franziska's face, she too was imagining facing him in court and all the delightful logic they could chop, the proof they could uncover, the truths they could dissect. And possibly other things afterwards.
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. . . also, I have always suspected that Edgeworth could stun an entire court with song and dance, and this just proves it.
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Title: don't shoot the messenger
Requester: [ profile] starsandtildes
Series: Phoenix Wright / XXXholic
Requested Topic: Phoenix Wright character of your choice (pre-disbarment greatly preferred) + Yuuko's shop.
Due to

"No, Mr von Karma, I'm afraid Yuuko-san is not available."

"No, Mr von Karma, I'm afraid she said that she had urgent business to drink -- um, to handle."

"Yes, Mr von Karma, she did remember you had an appointment, and she said that she'd left something for you."

"Yes, Mr von Karma, here it is. This lamp. She said that if you did find an honest man, please would you not murder him with it, not even defense attorneys."

". . . no, Mr von Karma, I have absolutely no idea what she meant. None at all. Really. Please put me down now?"

(Note: the Greek philosopher Diogenes, among other things, is said to have walked through the streets carrying a lamp in the daytime, claiming to be looking for an honest man.)
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Title: always trust your client
Requester: [ profile] acern
Series: Phoenix Wright / Harry Potter
Requested Topic: Phoenix defending another character (Ed from FMA? Rukia? Voldemort? Tsuzuki?)
Due to

"Don't worry, Mr Voldemort," Phoenix said reassuringly. "I'm sure these allegations of mass murder and torture are nothing but mistakes, and this whole 'Death Eater' thing is unjustified persecution of a harmless knitting society. As soon as the police find the real culprit, you'll be free in no time. But there is just one question . . ."

"Yes?" his noseless, black-robed client hissed.

"You are actually innocent, right?"

"Of course I am, mudblood minion," his client whispered hoarsely, his glowing eyes staring into Phoenix's own as he played with his pet giant snake.

"Oh well, that's all right then," Phoenix said, reassured.
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Title: there is none without guilt, no, not one
Requester: [ profile] finer_verities
Series: Phoenix Wright
Requested Topic: There are ten years of missing scenes in between DL-6 and 3-4, and Edgeworth's changed a lot in between those, so something of that transition. Younger Miles, von Karma, any take on the relationship you find reasonable (it's my trainwreck pairing of choice but I realize most people don't go in for that).
Due to

"No," von Karma said. "Nobody is innocent."

"But, sir," Miles said, as tentatively as he could, "what if the police had made a mistake? The fault would be all on their side. In such a case, if the prisoner were innocent --"

Von Karma snorted. "You are obstinate, boy. Nobody is innocent. That man who shot your father seemed innocent enough. But look what he did. Better that a hundred such rot in jail than that one guilty man goes free."

And like so much of what von Karma said, of course it was true. It was so obviously true.


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