Oct. 19th, 2002

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If only I could remember that line properly -- something about suddenly, a something flame, from the Swinburne poem which I began to quote a fortnight ago. To be looked up when I get home, because just as I have to know how a story ends, I also can't bear not remembering how a quote goes. Tch.

To more immediate matters; I attempt to salve my vague thoughts that Yaoicon really would have been fun, and that I should have timed my holiday a little bit better, with, um, vague thoughts. Oh well.

To much more immediate matters; today is my last day in America, and I'm hopping back on the 6.50 pm plane, which gets into England at Ungodly Hour In Morning, and I can probably be expected to crash for most of the day. Thank heavens that I booked Monday off work. I confidently expect jetlag to wait till Tuesday before seriously attacking.

It's been wonderful. I am (astonishingly) lost for words when it comes to thanking the friends who've put me up, visited me, entertained me, fed me, and forced me nose-first into new and interesting books and anime. And haori. Let's not forget the haori.

(I swear that good vocal patterns are really hard to get right. MUSH experience is useful there, definitely. If nothing else, it gives you a lot of experience at getting them wrong.)

Marvellous purchases include the haori, the yukata, Carole Nelson Douglas' latest (Castle Rouge), DVDs of Magic Users Club 1 & 2 at about a third of the normal price (secondhand), a DVD of Brotherhood of the Wolf (very very very strongly recommended), a CD of the Buffy musical episode (peccavi, peccavi), and a copy of the Hellbound: Blood War boxed set secondhand for 15 dollars. (This is an astonishing bargain. Trust me.) And quite a few books.

But it's not just that, and I hope that my friends realise it.

It's odd to think that I couldn't even manage a fortnight without writing/posting a fragment of fic. Odd? Worrying? Or should I just give up and smile? The third is the most likely. I'm pleased with the chunk I wrote, after all, and I'm starting to get visuals for the ending.

There's that line about how writing is like prostitution; first you do it for yourself, then for your friends, and finally for the money. (I may well be misquoting.) I'm certainly at the stage of writing with friends, if that's something you can say, though not precisely for friends. At any rate, I invite the opinion of friends on what I've written. I don't write for fans, though, if I can put it that way. (OTOH, I do write for money, so does that mean I've jumped the middle stage?) I write because now I can't stop writing, and because it pleases me and others. (And, in some cases, for the money. Oh well. Money helps.)

Incidentally, in the latest issue of Bastard! (no, I don't read it regularly, a friend pointed this out to me) they've gone and reviewed In Nomine Anime at the end. Well. Really rather . . . cool. :)

Oh, and all this is partly so I don't have to write a huge entry when I actually get back. Be merciful to the jetlagged, o thou who sit in judgment, and spare them thy wrath.

(I do take challenges from friends, though. :))


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