Feb. 22nd, 2017

incandescens: (Kanzeon Bosatsu)
Coughing and sneezing. Some days are like that. Though at the moment it's drizzly and windy outside, but not actually that cold. One could believe spring is on the way (though the weather forecast assures me that it'll be getting cold again by the end of the week). Little birds were chirping very noisily in the trees as I came back from doing some shopping.


She came out of the shop in a little cream cocktail dress that waved around her knees, cut up to her neck in front and down to her shoulder blades at the back, only just avoiding showing her Library brand. It was patterned diagonally with scarab beetles in shades of ultramarine and viridian, and her collar and bracelets matched it. Her coat was wide-sleeved black velvet, collared and cuffed with ermine, and her hat matched it perfectly. And even though she didn’t like to admit it, the whole experience of being fussed over and properly dressed had improved her mood. She felt more integrated into this New York now. More in character.


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